Mar 6, 2010

Foxes in Fiction

mp3: "Jimi Beachball"
mp3: "Please Note"

Back in my day, kids were lazy. I was lazy, my friends were lazy, all my cousins by the dozens were lazy. We didn't do shit. We have few accomplishments to our name: we memorized nearly every line of dialogue from The Simpsons' first ten or twelve seasons, we made both the Boomers and Gen Yers hate us, we got obscenely educated at the cost of near life-long debt.

But, goddam, these kids these days record albums in their bedrooms, throw them up for free on the internet, and then develop a small following over the course of a single weekend. Both Hooray! and Spirit Spine have released work this year good enough to guilt me severely about my wasted youth. Warren Hildebrand, the man behind Foxes in Fiction, is another in a line of them this year that have been flooding my inbox with their admirable work. Foxes in Fiction have released a 19 song album for free (grab it here). The album is filled with dreamy songs that barely coalesce enough to call them songs. The albums borrows heavily from Atlas Sound. But instead of simply aping Bradford Cox's sound, FiF use found sound and cut-up methods a la The Books. The combination is striking and original. Cop the poppy "Jimi Beachball" and the fragmented dream of "Please Note" above.

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