Mar 2, 2010

Golden Age

mp3: Beat Radio "Golden Age"

Beat Radio claim to be influenced by Buffalo Tom's appearance on My So Called Life. This is more accurate than anything I could possibly come up with on my own. They sound as painfully earnest as Buffalo Tom. Or My So Called Life for that matter. Brian Sendrowitz, leader of Beat Radio, has said that "Golden Age" is a song about ambition: "This song is about laying it all on the line and expecting everything in return." This kind of bracing honesty can be a little awkward in the age of multidimensional irony, but when you write a song as moving as "Golden Age" you've earned something of a pass. The song is part of a larger singles project by the band. I hope that the band's ambitions pay dividends for Sendrowitz and company.

You can download their newest 4 track album at their bandcamp site.

Special thanks to Jheri, whose taste is terrifyingly consistent, over at Get Off the Coast for the heads up.

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