Mar 12, 2010

Shake Some Action

A bunch of great blogs (i.e. Weekly Tape Deck, Transparent Blog, Indie Verse, Yours Truly, Friendship Bracelet, and Underwater Peoples) are pooling their resources to bring some lucky folks at SXSW a ridiculous slew of terrific bands over the course of 3 days. To celebrate (promote) the event, they're collectively giving away an excellent two volume mixtape that features all the acts and their most representative work. Many of bands have received some form of attention right here at No Genre, including RXRY, Pill Wonder, Coasting, Truman Peyote, Twin Sister, and His Clancyness. There are also some folks that I've been meaning to write about for some time: Pure Ecstasy, Million Young, Eternal Summers.

The most exciting aspect of all of this is that Thursday will mark the public premiere of RXRY, the mysterious artist who has been soundtracking the slow winter thaw around here.

Scope out some mp3 highlights:

mp3: Mantles "Trust"
mp3: Truman Peyote "Magentadoor II"
mp3: Eternal Summers "Safe at Home"
mp3: Pure Ecstasy "Easy"

Grab Vol 1 and Vol 2 here and here, respectively.

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