Mar 7, 2010

The Splendour

The generous guys over at Weekly Tape Deck hooked me up with Pantha du Prince's newest 12'' single, The Splendour. The song, like most of them on the excellent Black Noise, is an icy sheet of minimal techno. The song features Tyler Pope, the bassist for !!! and LCD Soundsystem. The b-sides, "Water Falls" and "Sach Mal Baum," could have fit nicely on Black Noise. "Water Falls" relies on a crisp 2-step beat and low bass tones to cast its spell. And "Sach Mal Baum" trades in asymmetrical clinks of cubed glass to give the song character.

You can purchase the 12'' single here at Insound. Or, take a listen before forfeiting your 8 dollars:

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