Mar 2, 2010


mp3: Hooray! "Daydreamm"

Ben Wagner is Hooray!, although he appears to be thinking about becoming Daydreamm. At this point, I don't care what he calls himself because I can't get enough of his musical amuse-bouche. A couple of days ago, he was kind enough to send "Daydreamm," the lead song from a promised EP. The song seems to be over even before it begins properly. But it is practically epic by compared with Hooray!'s work on previous EPs (Winter Break and I'm Only Human). In spite of its length, the song is packed with great ideas: the watery sample, the somber drum beat, the plinking synth line, Wagner's heavily treated voice barely registering in the mix. I'm really excited to see where this guy goes next.

Please go show this guy some love at his myspace, where you can hear a narco-cover of Modest Mouse's "World at Large."

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