Mar 6, 2010


mp3: Lingering Last Drops "Light"

The unfortunate reality is that Trent Reznor's legacy will not be built on the bands that he inspired. Far too often, bands equate NIN with brutality of warring machines and forget the quiet dread that Reznor can conjure in his quietest moments. But imagine if a band out there learned the right lesson. Imagine if they learned how create atmospheric music that was both unnervingly rhythmic and unsettingly intimate.

Lingering Last Drops from Sao Paulo have clearly taken some cues from NIN while refusing to employ the machinery of Reznor's solipsistic rage. On a digital 7'' out now on Ampeater, LLD create some deeply menacing music without raising a single voice above a whisper. "Love Shadow Syndrome" sounds like the putrefaction that accompanies disease and death. The woozy synths swell like a fever, and the guitar riffs sound like they're decaying in your ears. But it's "Light" that shows off the best of the band. A lone snare drum snaps as if played by a quiet maniac. The voice, again, is nothing but a whisper. It sounds shell-shocked, fragmented, drifting as if it has lost its center. The final minutes are incredibly unnerving: a piano falls down a flight of stairs one step at a time while a cloud of digital insects swarm the mix. The intimate horror of "Light" rounds out a nightmarish release from someone who has been listening very closely.

You can download LLD's 2009 self-titled debut from the netlabel Sinewave.

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